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Wise Fire - Boxed Individual Pouches
Wise Fire - Boxed Individual Pouches
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Wise Fire - Boxed Individual Pouches

Wise Fire is the superior choice for emergency and outdoor use as it is wind and water resistant. With just one cup of Wise Fire you can boil 4 cups of water. The flame lasts for 15-20 minutes as well. Given it also has a long shelf life of more than 25 years, and is water and wind resistant, Wise Fire is the ultimate fuel source for emergency and outdoor purposes.

This box comes with 15 individual Wise Fire Pouches

Wise Fire
     25 year+ shelf life
     Wind and Water resistant
     1 cup of Wise Fire boils 4 cups of water
     Flame lasts 15-20 minutes
     Easy to use pouches or bucket
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