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360 Serving Wise Meat Buckets
360 Serving Wise Meat Buckets
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360 Serving Wise Meat Buckets

Our Wise Company Meat Buckets are perfect for any unplanned emergency or disaster. Wise Freeze Dried Meats are uniquely seasoned so they can be easily combined with other foods to create complete meals.
Each Wise Meat Pouch holds 4 servings which prevents waste and is perfect for a family meal or to feed 2 people twice a day. These pouches can be used for more than just emergency food storage; they are great for tasty, high protein meals when camping, hunting, hiking, and everyday meal preparation.
Wise Freeze Dried Meats come packaged in airtight Mylar pouches and are stored in grab and go plastic containers. This packaging system is much better than carrying #10 cans around where you’ll need to quickly consume a large amount of food once the cans are opened. Each container is stackable for easy storage and has a handle for easy transportation when you have to Grab and Go.

Wise Meat Buckets have a shelf life of up to 15 years if kept in cool, dry storage conditions.

Servings included in this package:

Roasted Chicken (72 Servings)
Southwest Style Chicken (72 Servings)
Stroganoff Beef (48 Servings)
Cheesy Ground Beef (48 Servings)
Teriyaki Style Chicken (48 Servings)
Savory Roasted Ground Beef (72 Servings)
Long-Term Instant Rice (120 Servings)

360 servings packaged in 6 stackable buckets.

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